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Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the largest university in Norway. With a history dating back to 1910 and traditions going back to 1767 NTNU now have 42.000 students, 7400 teaching and research staff, campuses in three Norwegian cities and offices in Brussels and Japan.

NTNUs main profile is in science and technology, but also offer a variety of programmes of professional studies in medicine and health sciences, social sciences, economics, humanities, educational sciences, architecture, entrepreneurship, art and artistic activities.

Extensive research infrastructure is key to NTNU. Occupying approx. 170.000 m2 the university operate more than 120 laboratories within their strategic research areas,

About 2000 candidates are at any time enrolled in a PhD program at NTNU, within the SET disciplines there are about 250 PhD defences every year and more than 40% of the candidates are non-Norwegian citizens. Doctoral training is a three-year full time study including a training program equal to the workload of at least 30 ECTS. Some requirements apply but the candidate and supervisors design plans to cater for individual training needs. Admission require secured three-year funds and a master’s degree in a relevant field. Most candidates are offered scholarships from the University or they bring a scholarship from their home country.

NTNUs network of cooperation is widespread with extensive national and international industry cooperation as well as relations to more than 700 institutions in more than 100 countries

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